Blogging at Demons, Dreams, and Dragon Wings today!

I’m talking about story structure and Rise of the Guardians.

I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately. This is not entirely uncommon, but the interesting part is that I’ve been watching them with an eye toward story structure. This is especially easy when the movies are PG-rated Pixar and Dreamworks films meant for kids—kids who want to watch said movies over.
And over.
And over again.
So, by the fourth or fifth time, I start noticing things I hadn’t noticed before. Things like story structure. Conflict. Character arcs. All those things I have to pay attention to in my own stories.
When I write, I tend to employ a screenplay method. My first drafts are usually heavy on dialogue and blocking (i.e., X character walked to the door. Y character placed her hand over her heart and swooned. Z character laughed. My blocking is better than this, I promise). Scene description, motivation, internal thoughts, visceral reactions…all these things are layered in during revisions.
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