Writer Wednesday – Lila DiPasqua (2/9)

THIS JUST IN! Lila is offering a signed copy of The Princess in His Bed to a comment (chosen at random)! You do NOT want to miss this!!!! Offer open WORLDWIDE!

**Note to the author: Lila, I have a bone to pick with you! I need these three to become single-title length, if you please. They just ended entirely too quickly for my tastes. I NEED more Adam de Vey!!!

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program.

Well, I know I’ve put Lila DiPasqua in the spotlight before, but since I haven’t read any new authors to recommend to you yet, I’m revisiting previous ones. That’s not to say I’m recommending the same book as before, no sir. I just finished (okay, I finished it two weeks ago) her latest release, The Princess in His Bed.

Besides the absolutely GORGEOUS cover, Lila does it again, wowing me with her words. Make no mistake, they’re steamy. Bordering on erotica, they’re so hot. And the heroes? Holy. Hell.

I gotta say, my favorite in this bunch was Adam de Vey (the Marquis de Nattes), but the other two were smokin’, too. If you haven’t already, go get this one NOW! You will not be disappointed. In fact, I’m going to quote the back cover blurb for you so you’ll have no excuse.

Inspired by “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” “The Ugly Duckling, and “The Princess and the Pea,” Lila DiPasqua spins three sexy tales that give new meaning to the term bedtime story…

The Marquis’ New Clothes: To save her cousin, Aimee de Miran must retrieve a jeweled ring from the most sinfully seductive man at court, the Marquis de Nattes. But to search his considerable wardrobe she’ll have to get very close to the notorious rake…and soon she finds herself very close to him indeed, with his clothes—and hers—utterly forgotten…

The Lovely Duckling: Reputed for his carnal skills, Joseph d’Alumbert prefers amorous encounters without emotional entanglement—until a quick-witted lady stirs tender feelings and hot desire. Emilie de Sarron suffered burns to her body as an infant, and keeps her scars—and her heart—well hidden. But Joseph is determined to peel away her inhibitions, one slow steamy kiss at a time, to reveal the beautiful swan inside…

The Princess and the Diamonds:Princess Gabrielle can’t sleep at night. There is something hard in her bed. No, not just the stolen diamonds tucked under her mattress, but the handsome Marquis on it….whose carnal talents she can’t resist. But he threatens her secret mission, and worse, she stands to lose far more than the diamonds—her heart is at stake….

And yes, they really are that good.

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12 Responses to Writer Wednesday – Lila DiPasqua (2/9)

  1. This should be fun…being worldwide I mean.

    LMAO “There’s something hard in her bed” ..yeah..I’ve read too many HRs, my mind is corrupted :)

    • Noelle says:

      Hehe…it’s supposed to be corrupted. You’re young yet. :D

      • :P BTW Def add Lydia Dare’s series to you TBR especially if you’re working on a secret Paranormal (umm, I wasn’t stalking your FB ~_~ ). I got the last two today and I want to READ!!! But, I have to read The Road (Cormac McCarthy), A Rose for Emily (William Faulkner), A Good Man is Hard to Find (Flannery O’Connor), and To Killing a Mockingbird (Harper Lee) for hw–> fun! :D

        • Noelle says:

          I’ve been hearing Lydia Dare’s name a lot lately, so I’ll be checking her out. I have to start reading a lot of paranormals anyway. Oh, and mine isn’t really secret. I have a back-cover blurb on the books page of the website (link is on upper right of this page).

          That reminds me…I need to message you about something else.

  2. J. Lea Lopez says:

    These stories sound delightfully naughty! I don’t think I’ve read anything by Lila, but I will definitely be checking her out now. Thanks Noelle!

  3. Colleen Greene says:

    Wow. Sounds smokin’ Great blurb

  4. Lisa Hutson says:

    I have read Lilas first book….oh lala….Still have not gotten the second book. But I will, one way or another…:-)

  5. Diane says:

    just stumbled across Lila’s books yesterday and loved the description. It’s always fun to find another author to read.

  6. R Ann says:

    Whoo Hoo! Givaways! And the title is provocative!

  7. Stephanie M says:

    I have loved everything I have heard about this author. Thanks for the giveaway.

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  9. Cassie P says:

    I love the sound of this book. Congrats