Please welcome, T.L Tyson

The lovely T.L Tyson has consented to another interview with me! I didn’t even have to browbeat her or anything. *grin* This time, I’m showcasing her story in the anthology, Words to Music. Let’s just get started.

How often do you use music in your other writing? What style/form of music? Is it different with each writing project, or do you use the same/similar music for everything?

From time to time, I take music as my prompt for writing short stories. Using a song as a quick prompt can be very inspiring. For the most part, I use music as background noise to get into writing. It allows me to submerge myself into my work and drown out the outside world. My musical tastes vary and I often listen to a vast collection of songs, never knowing what will pop up next on rotation.

Where else do you find inspiration?

In the world. Most of my stories have a theme throughout them. Flawed characters, a world in need of fixing, and emotion. How I view the world is really reflected in the things I write.

When you first got your song, did the story hit you right away or was it more of a simmer?

It hit me right away. I instantly knew that I wanted to develop a story about a superhero and have them possess a unique quality that set them apart from how one would usually view a hero.

Were you familiar with the song you received for Words to Music? Did this impact the story at all?

You bet! But then again, I like to think that I am familiar with all songs. :D Of course it impacted the story. It’s about a hero taking a fall!

If you crave silence instead, why does music bother you?

People are bothered by music? Shocking!

If you listen to music while you write, what is it about the piece that inspires you (i.e., lyrics, rhythm, style, genre)?

Lyrics, for sure. Though I can also draw great inspiration from a song without any vocals. I supposed it’s the general feel as well, but that general feel can certainly change depending on the words put to it.

What song is your anthology story based on? Do you like the song? If so, why? And what about that song speaks to you?

A Hero Takes A Fall – The Bangles. I love the song. It has  a great beat, is catchy. And is by the Bangles. Who doesn’t like the Bangles. It’s a great theme as well. Everyone loves redemption.

T.L Tyson is a non-drinking, non-smoking, vegan from Canada. Her hermit-like existence allows her to delve into her writing without worrying about someone knocking at her door. Sleep is a rarity for her and she spends the night hours conjuring up new characters and thickening plots. She is constantly being lead in new directions by demanding personas and quirky ideas. Her writings cover a broad range of themes and genres, from YA urban fantasy to sea-faring historical fiction. If you catch her without her laptop, you may find her curled up reading a book or expanding her music knowledge.

More information about T.L can be found at her website.

And don’t forget to check out her vlog!

Thanks so much, Tee! Do any of you have questions for her?

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