May I present…Cheri Lasota

Hi guys!  A few weeks ago, I posted an announcement about an short story collection I’m involved with, which has been published. Well, I’d like to tell you about some of the authors involved in this anthology.

Remember, Words to Music is available from Amazon and all proceeds go to nine charities in a revolving manner, so if you want some great stories and want to be altruistic, then this is the book for you!

Today we’re talking with Cheri Lasota, a brilliant writer of historical fiction, and all-around awesome person.

NP: How often do you use music in your other writing? What style/form of music? Is it different with each writing project, or do you use the same/similar music for everything?

CL: To me, music is one of the greatest of life’s pleasures. Just a few notes of the cello or a few chords on the piano are enough to bring tears to my eyes. It has a beauty and power that philosophers, writers and dreamers have been inadequately trying to explain since time began. For me, writing and music are irrevocably linked. I just about can’t write without music in my ear.

NP: How often do you use music in your other writing? What style/form of music? Is it different with each writing project, or do you use the same/similar music for everything?

CL: I listen to film scores almost exclusively. This is because I can’t concentrate when I listen to music with lyrics. And I tend to listen to the same scores over and over while I write, because they filter in from the background when my heart and ear need the inspiration. Some of my favorite scores are Mansfield Park, Lord of the Rings, Children of Dune, The Mission, and Atonement.

NP: Where else do you find inspiration?

CL: Inspiration also comes from the films themselves. I look at color and design. I study actors’ facial expressions and the lilt in their voices. I pay attention even to the camera movements, as these allow me to see how my POV characters and narrators might view the world around them. In addition, I receive great inspiration from the writers I have the privilege to write with. Whenever I get the chance, I coax (coerce?) my writer friends into joining me at coffee shops around town for writing sessions. I get so much more work done! They keep me working, and the whole process is just so much more fun.

NP: When you first got your song, I Would Walk (500 miles), did the story hit you right away or was it more of a simmer?

CL: For my Words to Music story, I mulled over the lyrics to “I Would Walk (500 Miles)” for quite some time. I decided on a man involved in an unrequited love. Thought a little more. And then a line popped into my head: “One day you’ll wish you had.” I couldn’t shake it, so I used it. I built the whole story around that one line. And sometimes that’s all it takes. An image, a bit of dialogue, a character…and then off you go. Creative serendipity is like that. There are few answers to where it comes from, but goodness, are we glad when it hits us between the eyes!

NP: Were you familiar with the song you received for Words to Music? Did this impact the story at all?

CL: I was definitely familiar with the song. I’d heard it dozens and dozens of times on the radio growing up. I still hear it from time to time. At first, it seemed too cheerful for the story I had in mind. But then I listened beyond the catchy pop tune to the what the song’s lyrics were trying to convey. There’s really quite a stunning love story in there. Who knew?!

Thanks for joining us, Cheri!

Cheri also has over sev­en­teen years of expe­ri­ence writ­ing poetry and fic­tion. She has recently fin­ished revi­sions on her first novel, a his­tor­i­cal novel set in the Azores Islands, Portugal, where she lived for two years. Artemis Rising is rep­re­sented by Bernadette Baker-​​Baughman of Victoria Sanders and Associates, LLC. Currently, Cheri is writ­ing and research­ing her sec­ond novel, a YA romance set on the Oregon Coast.

What about you? What music inspires you?
Cheri also interviewed me on her blog! Check it out…
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6 Responses to May I present…Cheri Lasota

  1. Rowenna says:

    Awesome interview–thanks for posting, Noelle! Cheri–I love listening to film scores–Atonement and The Mission are among my favorites…and The Last of the Mohicans :)

  2. Cheri Lasota says:

    Oh, I love Last of the Mohicans! One of my all time favorites. :)

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